Free2play dead – Ark offshoot is the main part of the game

Ark: Survival of the fittest – Free2play death – Ark offshoot is the main game in fact has a wildcard for the studio, part of the Ark Arena mode: the expulsion of the fittest future for PC and consoles independently free2play title survival. For PC games have been living at the starting line, and can be downloaded for free. Wildcard accept this idea, but now say goodbye, so that part of the main game behind the survival of the fittest. Therefore, it is necessary, basic game Ark: Evolution to play well to survive this arena mode.

The concept has not worked out, according to the developers. Rather than continue this wrong decision, we should quickly find change. Therefore, it is of course for the time being not to release for the console more options. Even in the development of the console has been set temporarily. Thus, it is unclear whether or grab up to 71 players in the struggle for survival arena mode, all integrated in the main game consoles.

How do you recover from a totally tell MMO?

“That’s just the opener,” Blackmoore said, smiling at Arthas’s reaction. “Next will be three humans attacking him. He’s also hampered by the fact that he’s not to kill them, just defeat them. More a strategic battle than one of brute force, but I confess, there’s something about watching him decapitate a bear in a single blow that always makes me proud.”

With a huge online gaming companies, such as Star Wars The Old Republic and, most recently falling to the wayside Elder Scrolls Online popularity, my question is how much influence the “full expression of the play” really game. This also brings me to another thought while playing carbine WildStar: I can not help wondering how many people missed the story, the game offers, because it does not adequately express scripted as before online gaming company, they really play depth.

When the company first announced BioWare SWTOR been fully voice script (including your character’s reaction), the buzz around the game world ecstatic. This is literally changing the rules of the game have been occupied with the NPC wear your quest log // Journals long conversational text. Most MMO audience, I know Blizzard’s Warcraft second piece of information admitted to accept the task and not just read. For developers to take risks, so the story is very important and will have a different kind of impact on the players as they took their journey from one to the maximum level. Every NPC you cross, why do you need to do what you need to do in the world, their emotional conversation. In fact, go out and kill 15 creatures are now some substances, it brought a sense of the task reward in itself help the poor NPC. Play out your own, personal stories, the Star Wars universe is quite amazing good.

Unfortunately, the full expression of the questioning lasted only SWTOR world 50 players for the average two journey: a republic, an empire. Bright and dark story to ensure dialogue select class to be different, but the world is always ending NPC choose the same way. (With rare exceptions) story class is the only “fresh” stuff, look to play a new role and tasks of all the world had a “Space prohibits” Skip when dialogue. I am one of those who insisted recently had an advanced class on both sides of the fence every one of BioWare Corp. until … … the story is like the only thing I remember after the game to hang up my light saber.

There is a full range of voice script competition has also led to other problems: when the voice actors decision not to return the expansion, what (rather than contractual obligations) happen? If before, loggers, voice actors record the death of his line the next stage of the game, what will happen? If you choose a role of voice actor is hated by the society, what will happen? (Think JarJar quality before 50 …… I’ll get off the planet tutorial uninstall)

But the most important thing is: you are so accustomed to hearing how your NPC conversation of two years or longer after playing online games? Second, you lose interest in the world you play, you just grind to the end of the highest levels of the game, the game does not take care of the back end of the story?

Wild Planet is a new online game is now very popular player favorite combination of “old World of Warcraft” feeling (you can say is the best time of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade vanilla) and faster with the new system of combat. But how about the story? While talking to a guild mate (who played earlier visited within 50 days), I mentioned how busy among the few journals. He did not know what I’m saying. Click on all the items random and read throughout the game, some of them just downright hysterical. (For example: I met a number of scattered and small forest humid love story cut, and the pursuit of its journals to read them back to the owner when you bring them back to the female NPC, she call the police you never get. Any person who spoke to them.) It’s sad, I think my guildmate have missed some very great work, a writer of the time and effort to create.
Some WildStar is voiced (hope might I add), but also the cutscenes trying to attract more players into the world around them, but I can not help longing practical expression National People’s Congres, you are able to fully struck up a conversation. I feel separated from me in this game than I ever have in my 8-year term of Warcraft role. why? Because WOW between WildStar and I hit SWTOR. I play a game, my character has a voice, reason and purpose to the highest level. With wilderness planet, I do not think almost invested, I painted characters on the screen, but I also curious to learn the lore I travel and land often tease magazine I completely amused.

I’m curious to see how others think. I’m curious to hear if those playing WildStar (or still play World of Warcraft is still not fully speak Tasks) that I do not feel so invested in the characters they portrayed in the world of fashion. (If they are skipping out of the story buried in the richness of the game, because they had read)

If you are a network game players, let me know how you feel full speech from the script to the partial conversion of the cloud people!

“Empire Online” – Asian popular MMORPG iPhone hit the US

A few days ago, the developer of Lakoo released a new iOS MMORPG into the App Store called Empire Online [free]. Empire Online claims to be the largest iPhone MMORPG Asia and Australia more than 5 million users, is now available to US players. It is free to download and play, with the IAP monetary system. There are four games, five to create your character from, with a deep skill system of learning, as well as to collect thousands of different items and equipment. What is cool empire line equipment, it will affect the appearance of your avatar, to provide you with a personalized amazing amount apart from other players Online.

Visually, the Empire online using overhead perspective and pixel art style people think of some of the classic 16’s RPG. Battle is turn-based, you can have as many as 20 in a single combat fighting. You can with other players in PvP single game or team battles with up to five players per team real-time battle. Another interesting aspect is to build your empire, you can recruit members and battle to take control of the territory and to establish their own city as you expand your empire ranges.

I really like Empire Online is a touch-friendly interface and the ability to define how to play. There are some differences in the game chat system that allows you to enter a message to all players, only those in your empire, private one-on-one chat, and so on. The text message appears at the top of the screen, and all other players online avatar display any world you happen to roam around. These two elements can add a lot of confusion and chaos of action on the screen, especially when you are first starting out.
Fortunately, you can filter out what type of text message, or turn it off completely, you can close the incarnation of the other players as well. Close both off let me focus on the task early in the game, without any distractions, so I get how to play in the game handle. In this way, you can basically only play Empire Online as a separate game, leveling up your character and complete your mission. You may be required to have a helping hand certain tasks, but in most cases seems to have a lot of games for those who are not keen to interact with the outside world.

I enjoyed my fair share of RPG games for years, but I never got the whole thing online games. Part of the reason is because I have seen how they can transcend my friends’ lives, but also in part because they can be intimidating to the novice. Empire Online is the first one I tried, I really think I can get the hang of, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so far. Although I can not really say whether it will be satisfactory hardcore mmo players or not, this is definitely a friendly player for the first time or those who are constantly on the go. We’ve been on the players discuss the game itself is good, but is essential for the implementation of the IAP. In any case, it is free to download and try, so no reason not to check out Empire online, if you are in the market for a new MMORPG.

DDO’s Update27: Archon trial now live

“That is the source…” The strength seeped away from Iskar’s body. Was this true? Could it be true? The elders had taught him that the curse was the result of falling from Rukhmar’s grace—the result of disobedience, among other things. It was something brought about by one’s own weakness, not by an outside force. But this document said its.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Turbine continues to produce updates and consul of the latest trial, sending players off to Shavarath, eternal warfare aircraft. We bet it is not a diplomatic mission.

In addition Shavarath and celestial consuls themselves, there are other additions in this update and adjust future, as well as the. There is a new Monster Manual volume, so you can pay close attention to everything you kill, and flawless victory bonus is not by full-time employees of characters or death abolished. Finally, for your inventory management lovers (like me), you can now share directly from the process of the bank … or you prefer, after the planned patch.

Magic showdown now live in STEAM

It was a markedly different version of events from the one Iskar and his kind had learned growing up, the one depicted in the archives and in other official writings. For starters, none of the histories he had seen had ever mentioned that Terokk had a daughter. In this version, he had not been a tyrant but a glorious king. A kindhearted and brave ruler.

It is already available in several weeks on mobile devices, but now PC gamers finally get their chance to try the latest – is the first free-to-play – the world’s first collectible card game in disguise.

Magic battle has officially launched on Steam, to bring players Magic: two single-story mode experience in interactive platform of the builders, hundreds of library card, and online multiplayer games, including the popular two-headed giant models.

Free-to-play magic duel similar Hearthstone card collecting system: Warcraft, this is undoubtedly seen as a major success Wizards of the Coast, and tried to imitate the hero. We’ll have our review, once we get some serious playing time, so stay tuned!

Broken Systems Were The Funnest

Over the past week I’ve done a lot of thinking back to older games I’ve played like DAoC, SWG, EQ, etc. Raph Koster’s posts have been particularly enlightening since they discussed the hows and whys of their decisions, and even revealed what they were actually trying to create when they delivered something entirely different.

I started to think about the fun I’ve had in older games, and then realized a lot of that fun came from systems that were completely broken or so stupid they should be considered broken. Despite that fact, I still enjoyed them. In fact, I think the games might have been less fun without them!

The health, action, and mind bar system of SWG was both brilliant and horribly designed at the same time. Using different abilities depleted these bars. Being hit by certain abilities wounded those bars. Let’s say my pistol used my mind bar, and someone shot my mind to wound it and thus reduce my total available mind resources. I could then use fewer mind abilities. The result was that you were killing yourself every time you used abilities.

I’m laughing right now thinking about how stupid this system was, and how much I wish it was like what Raph describes as “bouncy” where your resources regenerated and the entire thing was a rock paper scissors game of undermining your opponents weapon choice and tactics.

All that said, it worked even by not working. Yes, I enjoyed being able to see someone who clearly didn’t work on their mind pool enough. I would one shot them with my pistol.

EverQuest’s Mob Camping

I remember standing in a single spot for 15 hours just waiting on the right monster to spawn. When it finally spawned, it didn’t drop what I wanted. The wait began again. People would stand in line for these monsters to spawn. It could take weeks for it to be your turn. Yeah, it sucked.

At the same time, forming lines and relying on the honesty of others meant you were communicating and building a community of players who cooperated. If you broke the rules, stole a spawn, etc., you were ostracized; your life was over on that character and you would probably never get a group again.

Screwing Up Character Stats in DAoC (or any game)

Who didn’t screw up a character in a game at some point in time? It was a right of passage! It was also completely stupid. To be able to ruin a character and start over without some form of fixing it? I remember in DAoC back in the early days when you messed up your character’s stats or skills or whatever it meant you … screwed up. They eventually added respec stones so that you could undo a mistake and reallocate those skill points.

Screwing up a character and committing to a path that ends up being terrible is… terrible. At the same time, actually having to commit to something and put up with consequences or having to care about how your character progressed gave us substance and meat to character progression. No decision was made lightly.

Strafing in EverQuest

Mob pathing in EverQuest was terrible, and pretty much broken. Characters could strafe (run at an angle) and that meant that mobs had to make an additional path to move into your path… something like that. I won’t pretend to understand it all (it’s probably geometry or something and I don’t do math) but it meant that mobs struggled to actually hit you. Exploit? Maybe. Broken? Yep.

While broken, strafing allowed us to circle kite, and avoid enemies (who always seemed to run just a little faster then us) from killing us when we flee. It became just something you did.

Okay, now that I think about it this post was sorta stupid and broken itself. But do you get what I’m trying to say here? These dumb features/mechanics, when combined with other mechanics (which were often dumb) made that game what it was and if removed would take away a huge part of the magic that made it all work.

New games can come out that refine those broken mechanics, but I think when we fix too much we lose a little bit of the heart and soul of these MMOs. Rather than remove them, I think they can simply be modernized. Modernizing =\= removing.


WAR Returns and Nintendo Remains Awesome

Well this is a thing, I guess. Someone decided to emulate Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I’m all for these kinds of projects. I’ve played on many of them ranging from Star Wars Galaxies to Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest, etc. I wish someone would make an EverQuest Online Adventures emu… yeah, get on that would you? Anyway, WAR is back and alive. What they should honestly do is fix the stuff that sucked in WAR and try to tweak it until it’s fun.

Nintendo Doesn’t Want Whales

This is one of the many reasons why Nintendo remains one of my favorite companies. They’re not after the few people who spend lots of money in their game; they won’t analyze those whales and figure out how to get them to spend more. If they did that, Iwata says, “I don’t think we would be able to entertain hundreds of millions of consumers all around the world or to produce large and long-lasting achievements.” Mr. Iwata, I salute you sir. That’s a great way of saying that those who hunt whales are a flash in the pan. Nintendo focuses on making games fun and available to children and adults of all ages while staying true to their brand. Has it always been profitable? Not in the past couple of years, but that changed in their recent earnings report. Why can’t more companies emulate Nintendo?

Nintendo is also launching a new service in the near future all about bridging the gap across platforms. They want one single login for multiple devices that will link communities and create an ecosystem of tracking and rewarding players. Seems like it has potential. Oh, and they have this secret NX project coming soon… what could it be?

I’m excited for Splatoon to come out on May 29! Can’t wait to play with Graev and have another great game on my Wii U.


Final Fantasy XIV Has Had 5 Million Subscribers, Is Second Most Popular Subscription-Based MMO

During today’s Japan Expo, Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida shared that the game has accumulated a total of five million paid subscribers during its 21 months on the market.

To be clear, the current subscriber count hasn’t been announced, nor has Square Enix ever shared this figure. The five million subscriber total doesn’t include trial accounts, and only those who have at one time or another paid the $12.99/$14.99 monthly fee making it a substantial feat.

Also See: FFXIV: Heavensward Review

Estimates place FFXIV at around 800,000 to 1.2 million subscribers after a one million subscriber bump from February’s announced total of four million, averaging at around 9,000 new players per day over four months. Significant post-launch updates and the arrival of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward have been key components to recent growth.

With subscription-based MMORPGs becoming an increasingly rare breed on the market, FFXIV stands as the second most popular game of its kind in the world today. High-budget games such as Aion and Star Wars: The Old Republic have opted for an optional subscription model after debuting with a monthly fee, while games like Guild Wars 2 prefer a buy-to-play model.

FFXIV trails the reigning subscription MMO World of Warcraft, a game that has been the king of the jungle for more than nine years. Despite significantly outperforming its competition, it recently plunged to its lowest figure since its Burning Crusade expansion in 2007 with around 6.5 million paying players. Blizzard has attempted to combat this trend with a WoW Token system that allows players to trade in-game currency for game time.

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The only other subscription-based MMO on the market that challenges FFXIV is EVE Online, which is estimated to have around 300,000 subscribers in 2015. WildStar has been competing with FFXIV for players for the past year, but will transition to free-to-play this August. Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls Online has already undergone a jump to buy-to-play.

FFXIV initially launched to scathing reviews in 2010, and was later reinvented in the form of 2013’s FFXIV: A Realm Reborn which was led by new management. It has since become one of the most compelling MMOs on the market in addition to being available for both PC and console players.


Gaming Paradise 2015: A perfect gaming vacation

Gaming Paradise 2015, an event which will be held in Portorož, Slovenia, will be one of the first larger tournaments after The International. With teams like Team Empire, Virtus.Pro, Alliance and NiP this tournament will surely give us some answers about teams strengths after all of the roster reshuffles that happened after TI.

Besides Dota 2, there will also be a professional CS:GO tournament and various amateur tournaments in Hearthstone, Dota 2 and CS:GO. To make this event even more interesting the organizers have made sure that Gaming Paradise will have some other features like live concerts and beer tasting for non-gaming part of the audience. Besides that, Portorož is well known tourist destination on Adriatic sea so everyone can enjoy the sun and beaches it offers.

The event will take place from 6th to 13th September, with Dota 2 tournament being held from 10th to 12th. So far the confirmed teams are NiP, Alliance, Virtus.Pro, Team Empire, 4C&L and 4 Anchors, while 2 other invited teams are yet to be confirmed. Prize pool for the tournament will be $50,000 and we can expect some great Dota.

Other information regarding tickets and accommodation can be found here.



How would you rate your dance skills in Skyforge? What about the rest of your pantheon? If the lot of you have the moves, you could win something in the game’s latest community contest, which asks players to submit videos of their pantheons dancing and generally showing why they’re fun pantheons to be part of. Winners receive the Heavy Metal Fan costume before it’s available to purchase and the knowledge that the winning pantheon contains the best video game dancers possible.

But where will you hold this dance off? Perhaps on Naori Island, the latest zone in Skyforge to get both a lore description and a panoramic view to scroll around. It’s a tropical paradise, assuming you can overlook the army invading it from beneath the sea. But hey, maybe those amphibious invaders don’t just want to destroy; maybe they’ll join you in your dance hall ambitions.